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Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Micro Album the easy way

Mini Micro, that will take 

Artist Trading Cards

This can be made with any size card.
I will use A5 card.

I scores  10cm and 20cm 
The 1cm at the end becomes my to glue it together.

I scored at 6cm,
so this will give me a 6cm and  9cm pocket.

Cut  the  scored line  
on the opposite side to you tab.

fold the 1cm tab over ,
and fold your pocket in half as in the photo.

Add glue along the tab,
and along the inside edge where you made your cut.

Fold the flap upwards on both sides,
press to make a good seal.
Leave for 5 mins to set.

Fold together so the cut at the center faces upwards.

This is your pocket ,
I made 6 but how many you make is up to you.

My pockets meaure 10cm wide
one is 6cm and the other is 9cm.

so your matting will be
8.5cm by 9.5cm Large
5.5cmby 9.5cm Small.

You will have 2 pockets to add your tags inside.
They will need to be 9.5cm tall but the width is up to you, I tend too stick a bit of card inside and see if I like how far it sticks out.

You can make a mini out of this,in several ways.

You can make a strip to attach these to a cover by 
scoring a long strip.
you will need a 9cm wide strip by about 21cm.

score at 3cm,
4cm 5cm and 5,5cm,
6.5cm 7.5cm and 8cm,
9cm 10cm and 10.5cm,
11.5cm 12.5cm and 13cm,
14cm 15cm and 15.5cm,
16.5cm 17.5cm and 18cm.

You make fold the 1cm folds together,
these are the glued together on the back,
So you get a 1cm high tab 
with a .5cm gap  between each one

Do  one tab at a time
Add glue to each side of the Tab,
And slide the end of you Pocket that doesn't have the fold onto Tab,
You will have to do this 6 times.

once all your tabs have pocket,
Leave for 10 mins so the glue sets.

To add a cover

Measure the spine of your minibook

Find some hard card, 
11cm by 24 cm
I have been using the backs of my pads of Paper.
You need to cut it 1cm bigger than you want the book to be as this means the Mini book pages don't over hand.

Score your card at 10cm and 14cm.
Bend the covers upwards to make your book cover.
Make sure your mini book fits inside.

You now need paper 13cm by 26cm.

Score 1cm around each edge.

Glue your card inside this score line 

Cut the corner either as a triangle, 
or just fold it down.
Press along the edge of the card
 to make a nice edge.

If you just folded it down you can remove some of the extra paper if it's too bulky.
Once you like it add glue and stick the paper to the card, along all four edges.

Place your mini book inside.

If you fold the 3cm tabs flat against the book

Add some glue to the back 3cm tab 
on each side of the album,
and across the spin
center this inside your book cover and press gentle on each tab.

Leave to set and then you can decorate.

And this is what happens when you use 
1cm in stread of ,5cm for the gap 
on the tab strip.


Monday, January 18, 2016

So decided to make a few cards, helped by my teenager.

I had the bright idea of taping to Sheets of Acrylic together to my own a stamper, 
I taped my cards to it with Electrical Tape
which doesn't stick to the paper much.

So  now All and i do mean All
my clear stamps work perfectly and I can restamp if i miss a bit the first time as both the card and the stamp stay put.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tag along for a year January batch

This year it's tag a day. these are the ones for January 2016.   Have a go and post along.
Tags are 2 by 1..   
so 10 by 5cm or 12 by 6cm.

# 11 My first  one
#12  Butterflys again

#13 £1 stamps found in the Works,
 they are so cute and usable

#24 I missed some days
Made with scraps off my desk.

#25 Used my punches for flowers.
I think i really like simple tags.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Double Page from A4 Sheet,

This is what I want to show you today.
It takes only 1 A4 Sheet for a page. 

This is two envelopes joined together by the flap of the bottom envelope.

Take a sheet of A4 card,

Cut the cardstock so you have a 
21 cm by 16.5cm.

Score with the 21cm  at the top.
7.5cm, 15cm. 
You get a 1.5cm strip. 
This is used to close the envelope.
Turn the card 90 degrees and score at 3.5cm.
Turn it 180 degrees and repeat the score at 3.5cm
I punched these on my gift bag punch score board, but you can just shape your envelope flaps.

Fold along the middle fold to make your envelope and glue it closed using the long thin flap. 
Do not seal the other flaps down.

Take the piece of cardstock you had left.
21cm by 13.5 cm ish, 
don't worry if your is slightly different.
With the 21cm at the top score at 
7.5 cm and 15cm.
Turn 90 degrees and score at 3.5 cm.
Punch or shape to make the flaps.

Fold the section on the left in towards the centre.
Fold the top right flap down, and add glue to the flap.
Add glue to the right hand side of the flap and fold down.

This is you top envelope. 
To join to the other envelope just insert either 
one or two of the flaps and glue together..

I only used on flap to  join my envelopes.
Punch holes and add a ring or ribbon 
to bind it together.
I folded down one of the envelope flaps and added envelope liners which measured 7cm in width.
Enjoy decorating.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Boxes no glue

I got a new Toy.
The WRMK Envelope Punch and Score Board.
Yes it's Brilliant.

For this your going to just score NOT Punch.

10.5 cm by 10.5 cm Cardstock.

From a A4 Piece of card you can make two boxes.

Line the corner of your cardstock at the 1 1/2" mark on the board, it's in Inches on the board, so this is why you get this measurement not cm.

Score from all 4 corners do not punch.
Using in the scorelines lined up with the pointer score the next 4 lines.

Lay your scored piece of card flat and fold the triangle down, crease, now fold on the next score line, inwards you will have 4 thicknesses of cardstock,
Open flat, and repeat for the other 4 triangles.

Make your cuts as in the picture above, 
Fold the sections on the right and left
 bringing up the sides of your box.
Fold the top and bottom to make the box.

Now measure the size of your box, and cut a square to this size and place inside the box.
This will secure the box.

Repeat this for the other section of the box,
 but use the 1 5/8" Mark. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

If your looking for my jewellery.
Click the link to my selling page above.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smashing idea

I seem to have not done much on this blog for ages.
Joining a Smashed group on Facebook has made me want to post again, and yes my cinch came
 out to play.
Take a piece of card and fold it in half, cut of the corner.
 I used my envelope maker to get my corner straight, it's done on the folded edge, but you could just measure the same distance along the top and down the fold to get a perfect corner.
I then cover my page with paper, so it looks pretty.
Take your cut off corner, and simply add this to the oppersite corner from where you cut it off.
The fold should be at the bottom not on the side.
You can either add glue it all over the inside of the triangle and add it, or just put a thin line of glue at the bottom left of your page back and front, this turns the cut off corner into a tiny pocket.
It is up to you.
This means 2 of your page sides are now closed.
Punch holes on the side oppersite your fold.
Add something to bind it together, I used my spirals.
I then add ribbon, but have not shown this.
You can make this with any size paper.
Easy right.