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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I keep making these Paperclip Bookmarks as they never seem to last long.
Thought I would finally manage to photo some .
I made about 16 this morning and I just happened to find the wooden holder which I thought displayed them so well, the old lace is infact new found in the fabric shop as a bundle offer but think it really makes them, I didn't add my normal charms so wonder if it will make a difference.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

How to do my book

These are the photo's of my latest Mini book. I used some items I got from a swap, we had a great mixture of items, and next time I will post a picture of the set as it arrives. I just admit I am addicted to making these little books, and everyone seems to love them, they are not hard to make as it's a very simple fold.

Cut a 12" of scrapbook paper at 5" 4" and 3"

Take one of the strips and fold it in half , then just fold the top 1 1/2".

I used 3 colours of card. That all match mine were all blue.

I then just use a sheet of scrapbook paper and add mats and layers to each page.

I really do like adding stripes of silver or white and often cut a square of card into 2 triangles to make corner decorations.

Mini Scrapbook