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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hold it together box. One sheet


Yes I know your wondering what the heck I am making.

Not even sure where I saw this, but it makes such a cute box..

Cut your card stock to 
27cm by 15cm.
You need to score at 

6  and 9 cm Short side
3, 4.5, 10.5,16.5, 22.5, 24 Long side.

It doesn't matter which corner you cut off but you need to do the ones Opposite on the diagonal.
You will cut the  green sections off.

And you need to cut down the other score line to the 2nd line as well.

The Purple diagonal lines need to be score. 
Then fold all your score lines inward. 
This means wrong side to wrong side.
This is important as it's how the box folds.
You should be able to lift the long side towards each other and the corners will form points.

Fold the corner towards the large side of the box.
I just put the paperclip there so you can see it properly.   
Now fold the other corner over.
  the one with the flap goes on top, as it hides the inside of the box.
Again I just used the paperclips to hold it stead. 
I removed then, after I took the photo.

With all sides folded, 

You can keep this closed how ever you like.
Also you can trim the top tabs,
or add ribbon, or glue to seal it completely.

Over to you now.

So I made the 2nd one in this list...

so this will be where you score for each of the paper sizes

8cm by 4cm box
Paper size  20 by 36 cm...
Score 8 and 12cm. short side
4, 6, 14, 22, 30, 32cm

6cm by 3cm box
Paper size  15 by 27 cm...
Score 6 and 9cm.Short side
3, 4.5, 10.5, 16.5, 22.5, and 24cm

2 by 1" box
Paper size  5 by 9"...
Score 2 and 3".Short side
1 , 1 1/2, 3 1/2, 5 1/2. 7 1/2, 8"

2.5 by 1.1/4" box
Paper size  6 1/4 by 11 1/2"...
Score 2 1/2 and 3 3/4". short side
1 1/4, 2, 4 1/2 , 7, 9 1/2, 10 1/4

I made this box a tiny bit wider so it was easier to score.

But and this is a nice big but your going to like it...

You can make a box as wide as you like . 
All you need to do is make your starting size bigger on what would be Width
this does not  have the folded over section...

You score the Red number flip your card round 180 degrees and score the same in from the other edge..

Don't forget to measure you middle section, as you need to adjust the bit of the flap nearest to your box to half this size as well, 
so when you fold the section inside they both meet.