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Monday, October 08, 2012

Quick Birthday Scrapbook.

You will need

3  Sheets Card.
Some Scrapbook Paper.
Something to cut with.
Ribbon and Decorations.
Ok off we go.
Can you see the patterned paper,
this is our hinge.

This is our make today.
Cut your A4 cardstock in half,
yes you can use A5 if you have it.
It measures 14.8 cm by 21cm.
But to be honest you can use any size card you like.
Making a page.
Fold  in half and crease all your cardstock.
Making a Hinge.
Now measure how high your card is
Mine is 14.8 cm.
Cut out of your Decorative Paper the following.
14.8 by 10.5cm
do this 5 times and fold them all so the pattern you want to show is on the INSIDE.
Take a folded sheet and place the fold on the left.
Take a hinge and place it so the fold is on the left as well.
Add glue to you hinge, along the top and bottom and along the folded edge.
Line it up with the page, and press down.
It is now a pocket on your page.
Look at the main photo to see where it goes if you need to.
Place another page nex to the first with the fold on the right and the hinge on the left.
Add glue to the hinge again on the top bottom and along the fold and join on the next page.
Now you just repeat this till your book has 6 pages in.
Decide which  is the back and which is the front of the book, and add glue inside the  middle of the white pages to seal the bottom and make a pocket.
Take another bit of patterned paper and cut it at 15cm by 7cm.
Add Glue to the top and bottom.
Add glue to the back and front of your book
along the spine.
And attatch the decorative paper.
This covers the spine of the book.
Now you can decorate it.
I added ribbon first
and glued it onto the back of the book so it was
but would open nicely.
The mirror topper is cut at 1 cm less than the size of the book.
Book measures 15cm by  10.5cm
so I cut mine at  14cm by 9.5cm
If you wanted to add more cut at 13cm by 8.5cm
by going down in equal amounts your always going to be able to get it central.
It's called Matting and Layering.
I used a stamping up punch for the tops of my tags,
but you could just use a square of patterned paper folded over.
To make my tag I tend to drop a piece of card inside that i know it too narrow for the pocket but it does give me the height of my tags.
15 cm by 10 cm.
Before you decorate your tags CHECK they fit the pockets.
Sometimes a pocket if glued
can be smaller than you think.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Look what I found. Yep a blog and a mini

I just found these little mini books in a box.
Had to look close to think how they were made.
They were A6 in size.
That would be 10.5cm high by 7.5cm.
Easy to do.
Mine was C6.
Cut an envelope to make a pocket.
Either seal an envelope and
 just cut 1mm of to open it,
or use a longer one and cut it in half.
Measure your pocket 
10.5cm by 15cm.
and cut the pages to the same size.
Fold everything in half.
Now glue a page to the envelope  front
and then fold so the page is inside.
Lay two of the folded envelopes next to each other
so the folds are touching.
Glue another sheet of paper to join both envelopes together.
You now have an envelope back showing,
3 double pages,
and another envelope back.
You just keep adding envelopes till you have enough double pages.
Cut one of the folded pages in half and glue one bit
to the front and one to the back.
To cover the spine I just glued a strip of paper over it, that was big enough to give me a 2cm overlap onto the front and back covers.
And added some page mats to each page.
what do you think?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ribbon flower swap.

I had to make a flower for a Swap.
These are my ribbon ones.

The bottom ribbon is a pale lemon but it's not showing up in the photos. Lets hope everyone likes them.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mens Car Cards.

Some cards I made this afternoon.
The cars are all from stamps from
 a raid on The Range, that just opened near us.

The stamps are all papermania,
Urban and Nostalgic.

I had a stamping session with a friend and know if I don't use them, the images get up in a box and lost.
The cars that have colour on were nail varnish as I did buy some Metalic pens but they went in the wrong shopping bag.

The word stamps were all a bargain at the same place £1 each so how could I say No.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

5 Blogs I like.

This is my list of  5 Blogs.
I really had fun looking for blogs with less 200 members.

Award. For me.. Very Grateful.

I Got an email saying that Misty's Mum 
Ink on my fingers 
had given me an award as one of 5 blogs she liked.
So like you do off I trotted to see what her blog was all about.
There are so great cards so go have a look.

I need to go look now to find mine to recommend.

Now that I have the award there are several things I must do, they are -
  • Pass the award on to five other blogs that have inspired me. I shall look out my five blogs in a moment - they have to be blogs with less than 200 followers
  • Put a comment on their blogs so that they know. I will do this when I have sorted the 5 blogs
  • Link back to the person who gave me the award & thank them. I have done this above & I have also put a comment on Misty's blog.
  • Post the award on my blog. Which I have done in this post. Pride of place at the top.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What my kids did.

This is a very quick mini my kids made.

Not posted much for ages as have been busy.

It's just sealed envelopes cut in half and cinched.

Easy or what.