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Monday, February 28, 2011

Some quick bookmarks.

This is a really quick idea.
I cut a piece of card that was 10cm or 4" square.
On 3 sides you mark the 5cm or 2" Mark.
Score it from the centre to both edges.
This gives you the triangles on each side.
fold these down to the back.
Cut a piece of card that is 7.25cm or 2 7/8"
Cut it in half from corner to corner, to make two triangles. You only need one.
This is then glued to the back of the bookmark to cover the two folded over corners.
You then just decorate it.

I was lucky as my A mark a my envelope maker is great for the scoring of the corners.


Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Mini Scrapbook Swap Mine to Jane,

 This is my cover for Jane.
I have left it for her to add a Title as otherwise it would be my book not hers.
She wanted Romantic to use for pictures of her flowers, so hoping she likes it.

It has been sent but think I missed the inside cover and from page.
Had a great sneaky idea, I used the corners I cut off added to a piece of card, scored just below so it folded up at this point and just stuck it down with glue at the corner.
This means the mat can have a photo on the back
 and the front.
I just love using up all the scraps of matching papers as I hate waste.
More hidden journaling behind the tri-fold on the right and the tag on the left can be untied as it is just tucked into the ribbon.
More tags on the right.
The left one is fun too.
Will write how to make it after Jane tells me she has got this.
The flower paper on the right is just the off cut of the other page. Trifolded so you have lots of space.
Ribbon and flowers on the right.
See my off cut on the left hand mat.
Ribbon and a folded card tucked in on the right.

I Chomped the corners of a square.
Scored about 1 cm from corner and added glue behind.
Off cut corner at the base, and a flower to decorate.

Another corner mat and flowers on both pages, and some ribbon on the right.

This is the back page.
The ribbon goes round this page too and
wraps the book to hold it closed.
Each pages has a tag and a ribbon in the corner.
Hoping she liked it.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Look what the postman delivered......

I told you I was in a swap on UKS.
Well this is what Leanie sent me.

What a lovley gift to get a a Thursday Morning.

  I love the way she used Binding wire for the book.
It looks great usig just the last paper to stick it into the cover.
Thank you very much for my gift.