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Tips I have Heard.

Matting and layering.

Remember to measure your top layer.
Then just add the same amount to your design to make it easier to centre your design.

Design of 2cm by 2cm.
Mat A 3cm by 3cm.
Mat B 4cm by 4cm
Mat C 5 cm by 5cm.

The other way around Card front.
10.5 cm by 15cm.
Mat A 9.5cm by 14cm,
Mat B 8.5 cm by 13cm
Mat C 7.5 cm by 12cm.
The last Mat will be the Design size.


Glue can be any kind.
Just don;t add glue to the very edge of your design.
It tends to spread and will appear on your card, leave a 1cm edge and then spread it out to the edge.

If you using wet glue to seal a pocket, can add a scrap  of paper inside so it stick to that not seals the pocket closed.

Foam Pads.

Buy rolls of cheap foam pads and just cut off what you need.
Cut large foam pads into smaller sizes.

Add glue stick to foam pads so they slide, it give you time to get it in the right position.

Double sided tape.

Only remove the 1st and last cm of the tape and leave the carrier tab sticking out, this way you can postion it then just pull the tabs to get it right.