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Friday, September 16, 2016

How to make your cake and size you want.....

Have as big a size as you want...

Ok so you don't want a piece the same size as mine.

Here is how to make the cake any size you want.
First this will still be 8 pieces if you make the cake.

To make to tops.

Start with a square and size you want.

The only important measurement here is
the side of your square.
We will call this A  
 For tab, say you used 1cm wide....
So if my square was 20cm by 20cm
half this is 10cm.
A would be 10cm - 1cm =9cm
so A= 9cm
and you said you would never use algebra..

Repeat making you tops exactly as in this picture.

To make the side of the slice.

Decide how much depth you want for the cake.
I made my tabs quiet fat at 2cm wide but you can make them skinnier, at 1cm..

If you were making a smaller cake 
you could do 7.5 cm wide.
and score at 1 cm for tabs, this would mean you got 4 slices from a sheet of scrapbook card stock.
and your cake would be 5.5cm thick as you need a tab top and bottom..

This is where you need the A..
to find out how long a piece you need
Just do 3 times A plus 3cm
Or measure roughly round all the sides of the triangle and add 3 cm for the tab .
A bigger tab means it stays closed.
Yes it is that easy

Score your card at A and 2A.
so mine is at 9cm and 18cm.
We don't need to score the lid till we stick the slice together.. 

So when you have made the slice and you fold it over you then find out where you need to score
 for the tab.

Make Sure you tab is shorter than 
the A measurement.
OR the box won't close,
so you can cut as much as you like off too make the tab look neat, but please leave about 3cm as I said, or the tab may jump out then it's closed.

You don't want a cake with 8 pieces..

If you don't want to make this many it's easy to make it your size.

Take a piece of scrap paper the same size as you want to make your cake...
it needs to be a Square

Mark the center of the paper,  cut down to center.  
Now fold the paper over until you have as many slices as you want for your cake, 
don't cut it just fold like a fan ..
Yes bits may stick out, but you can keep making you section larger or smaller till you have equal folds.
This way you can have as many slices as you want.

Now cut one section off.
Yes it may seem a funny shape. 
But all you really need is that it has the point at the center. 
This is your template

To make your slice tops...

Remember to take half the size of your card and take 1cm off to get your A length.

You need to put both pieces of card together.
If your going to make 5 pieces 
put 5 paper clips around you square 
at equal distances. 

some of the pieces may be a tiny different in size, this really doesn't matter so long as you use the pairs held by the paperclip.
Also since it has all been cut from a whole square
 it will always fit to make a cake.

Mark the center of the card and with the 2 pieces of Square card together, cut down to this point....
Lay your template next to the cut line 
point towards the center, 
move your paper clip if you need too.
Cut along the edge of the Template.
Repeat till all your slices are cut.

Now you just repeat as before. 
From the previous Tutorial...
Either flip the top piece over 
or measure from the point.

have fun.

I want to make a cake box

I wanted to make a cake box.

This is something I discovered while I was looking at a video from

  How to make a cake with 8 slices. 
This is only because it's so easy to do it this way. 
You can see how I do it below.

My cake is going to be 17cm across.
So each slice is 8.5cm by 6.5cm by 6.5cm.

You will need for the of top slice: 
  9.5cm by 9.5cm

Cut you card from corner to corner.
Flip one of your triangles over and mark where the shorter side is on the other piece of card.
This will be 9.5 cm if you want to measure.
Score from the corner to this mark.

Do this on both of you piece of card 
and cut the extra off.

Both you Triangles will have 2 sides the same and a smaller base, score 1 cm away from the base and fold this tab down and cut the corners as in the picture.

You will need for the of sides of a slice: 
21cm by 8.5cm

Score on the long side at 8.5cm and 17cm
Turn it and score on short side 1cm and 7.5cm

You now need to cut to make tabs. 
You need to cut at quiet a steep angle.
Remove the rest of the tab from the long section of your card as this will be the lid and you don't need it.
N.B.  I cut my card too wide so had to do 2cm tabs.. that is why they look wider than yours do.

Making your cake slice.

Fold both your tabs on each side inwards.
Add glue to the tabs on one side of the card.

With the point of the cake at the score mark on long piece of card lay it gentle on top of the glued tabs and  make sure it doesn't over hang.
Hold it for a second till the glue sets.

Turn it over add glue to other 2 tabs and repeat.

Let it dry for a min.  

Fold the lid down.
Mark a line where the side touches the lid 
 Score at the mark for the lid.
Fold the extra down you can leave as much of this as you like too tuck inside the slice.
Sometimes the bit you tuck in needs to have a tiny bit more removed from it's sides so it tucks in easily.
Don't worry if you have to do this as I did as well.

Decorate as you wish.

See my next post on how to customise this to any size.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hold it together box. One sheet


Yes I know your wondering what the heck I am making.

Not even sure where I saw this, but it makes such a cute box..

Cut your card stock to 
27cm by 15cm.
You need to score at 

6  and 9 cm Short side
3, 4.5, 10.5,16.5, 22.5, 24 Long side.

It doesn't matter which corner you cut off but you need to do the ones Opposite on the diagonal.
You will cut the  green sections off.

And you need to cut down the other score line to the 2nd line as well.

The Purple diagonal lines need to be score. 
Then fold all your score lines inward. 
This means wrong side to wrong side.
This is important as it's how the box folds.
You should be able to lift the long side towards each other and the corners will form points.

Fold the corner towards the large side of the box.
I just put the paperclip there so you can see it properly.   
Now fold the other corner over.
  the one with the flap goes on top, as it hides the inside of the box.
Again I just used the paperclips to hold it stead. 
I removed then, after I took the photo.

With all sides folded, 

You can keep this closed how ever you like.
Also you can trim the top tabs,
or add ribbon, or glue to seal it completely.

Over to you now.

So I made the 2nd one in this list...

so this will be where you score for each of the paper sizes

8cm by 4cm box
Paper size  20 by 36 cm...
Score 8 and 12cm. short side
4, 6, 14, 22, 30, 32cm

6cm by 3cm box
Paper size  15 by 27 cm...
Score 6 and 9cm.Short side
3, 4.5, 10.5, 16.5, 22.5, and 24cm

2 by 1" box
Paper size  5 by 9"...
Score 2 and 3".Short side
1 , 1 1/2, 3 1/2, 5 1/2. 7 1/2, 8"

2.5 by 1.1/4" box
Paper size  6 1/4 by 11 1/2"...
Score 2 1/2 and 3 3/4". short side
1 1/4, 2, 4 1/2 , 7, 9 1/2, 10 1/4

I made this box a tiny bit wider so it was easier to score.

But and this is a nice big but your going to like it...

You can make a box as wide as you like . 
All you need to do is make your starting size bigger on what would be Width
this does not  have the folded over section...

You score the Red number flip your card round 180 degrees and score the same in from the other edge..

Don't forget to measure you middle section, as you need to adjust the bit of the flap nearest to your box to half this size as well, 
so when you fold the section inside they both meet.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mini Micro Album the easy way

Mini Micro, that will take 

Artist Trading Cards

This can be made with any size card.
I will use A5 card.

I scores  10cm and 20cm 
The 1cm at the end becomes my to glue it together.

I scored at 6cm,
so this will give me a 6cm and  9cm pocket.

Cut  the  scored line  
on the opposite side to you tab.

fold the 1cm tab over ,
and fold your pocket in half as in the photo.

Add glue along the tab,
and along the inside edge where you made your cut.

Fold the flap upwards on both sides,
press to make a good seal.
Leave for 5 mins to set.

Fold together so the cut at the center faces upwards.

This is your pocket ,
I made 6 but how many you make is up to you.

My pockets meaure 10cm wide
one is 6cm and the other is 9cm.

so your matting will be
8.5cm by 9.5cm Large
5.5cmby 9.5cm Small.

You will have 2 pockets to add your tags inside.
They will need to be 9.5cm tall but the width is up to you, I tend too stick a bit of card inside and see if I like how far it sticks out.

You can make a mini out of this,in several ways.

You can make a strip to attach these to a cover by 
scoring a long strip.
you will need a 9cm wide strip by about 21cm.

score at 3cm,
4cm 5cm and 5,5cm,
6.5cm 7.5cm and 8cm,
9cm 10cm and 10.5cm,
11.5cm 12.5cm and 13cm,
14cm 15cm and 15.5cm,
16.5cm 17.5cm and 18cm.

You make fold the 1cm folds together,
these are the glued together on the back,
So you get a 1cm high tab 
with a .5cm gap  between each one

Do  one tab at a time
Add glue to each side of the Tab,
And slide the end of you Pocket that doesn't have the fold onto Tab,
You will have to do this 6 times.

once all your tabs have pocket,
Leave for 10 mins so the glue sets.

To add a cover

Measure the spine of your minibook

Find some hard card, 
11cm by 24 cm
I have been using the backs of my pads of Paper.
You need to cut it 1cm bigger than you want the book to be as this means the Mini book pages don't over hand.

Score your card at 10cm and 14cm.
Bend the covers upwards to make your book cover.
Make sure your mini book fits inside.

You now need paper 13cm by 26cm.

Score 1cm around each edge.

Glue your card inside this score line 

Cut the corner either as a triangle, 
or just fold it down.
Press along the edge of the card
 to make a nice edge.

If you just folded it down you can remove some of the extra paper if it's too bulky.
Once you like it add glue and stick the paper to the card, along all four edges.

Place your mini book inside.

If you fold the 3cm tabs flat against the book

Add some glue to the back 3cm tab 
on each side of the album,
and across the spin
center this inside your book cover and press gentle on each tab.

Leave to set and then you can decorate.

And this is what happens when you use 
1cm in stread of ,5cm for the gap 
on the tab strip.


Monday, January 18, 2016

So decided to make a few cards, helped by my teenager.

I had the bright idea of taping to Sheets of Acrylic together to my own a stamper, 
I taped my cards to it with Electrical Tape
which doesn't stick to the paper much.

So  now All and i do mean All
my clear stamps work perfectly and I can restamp if i miss a bit the first time as both the card and the stamp stay put.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Tag along for a year January batch

This year it's tag a day. these are the ones for January 2016.   Have a go and post along.
Tags are 2 by 1..   
so 10 by 5cm or 12 by 6cm.

# 11 My first  one
#12  Butterflys again

#13 £1 stamps found in the Works,
 they are so cute and usable

#24 I missed some days
Made with scraps off my desk.

#25 Used my punches for flowers.
I think i really like simple tags.