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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Xmas bookmarks.


These are my xmas ones, using gift tags for toppers.
Amazing what a Chomper can do to change a pattern.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Fanciful Album,

Xmas Album.

This is made with the Sizzix Fanciful Die.

I saw it and wanted it, only it was out of shock.
thanks Netty who had one in her cupboard.

I really loved that it had the flower shapes and a label shape included even the heart is used as a leaf.

Mini Card.

Just love the way you get a pretty edge.
The stamp was a gift in a swap.
I have loads of the envelopes.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Quick Mini Books.

I need to use up some Papers and Stickers.

Yes the cheap ones I got.

You will need:
1 Sheet of 12 by 12 thick Scrapbook Patterned Paper.

3 Sheets A4 200gms Paper.

Cut from the A4 Paper
6 pieces of 5 1/2" by 8"
Score it at 4" so it folds in half.

From the pattern paper,
Cut a strip 5 1/2" by 12".
Cut into 6 strips  5 1/2" by 2"
Score at 1" and fold in half.
Add glue to the back of this strip,
Holding two of the plain paper together and add the patterned strip to the join.
Making a 5 1/2" by 16",

Continue holding another of the plain paper and joining till all 6 pieces have been joined together.

Leave to dry.

Once dry reverse the folds so the patterened paper is in the valley of the folds.
Add glue to the bottom inside of each of the pages and join together to make 6 pockets.

Leave to dry once more.

From the remaining piece of scrapbook paper
you need to cut the cover.

6" by 12".

Score at  1 1/4, 5 3/4" , 6 1/4" and 10 3/4".

Fold the 1 1/4 inch at each edge inwards, add glue underneath and seal down on both sides.

Add glue to the front and back of the book and fold the cover over so the book sits inside.


Now just decorate.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pocket Pages for Maddie.

My mother got me some of the 5 for £2 craft packs from C & C.

Maddie decided she wanted to use some on a book as I had been making them earlier in the day.

Not sure what your kids are like but mine
know what they want so gave up and let her raid the stash.

We took a A4 piece of card,
Scored it at 4", 8" and I just left the rest as my tab.

Then I scored at 7" to make my pocket at the bottom of the page.

Fold this up and it makes a pocket at the bottom of my page.

I folded the 4" section over.

As the bottom of the page pocket was not closed I simply cut a piece patterned paper 1 1/2" by 1 1/2".
Fold this in half point to point to make a triangle.
Glue this to the bottom of each side the page pocket.
It also adds decoration to the page.

This now gives you a pocket with a tab on the side.
A pocket on each page and a pocket at the top.
I mitered my edges and glued the flap to the next pocket page.
I made 5 in total and glued them all togehter..

As I wanted to stick mine into covers.
I made a tab for the other side too,
7" by  7"

Score at 3 1/2" miter the corners and add to the 1st pocket, this then glues onto the cover.

I still have to cover this but have give you a photo so you can see what I did.

My cover was worked out by doing this.

Page size. 4" by 7".

Add 1/2" for top.
Add 1/2" for bottom.
Depth of cover 8".

Add 1/2" for border .
Page Size 4"
Width of cover 4 1/2"
Add 1/2" for spine.
Double page size. 9".
Size needed 9 1/2"

Cover size if doing as one piece.
9 1/2" by 8".

So I scored it at 4 1/2" and at 5".
I just glued the book in at the scored lines.
Making sure it was equal top and bottom from edge.

I wanted to use some board inside my covers to make it stronger.

So I added and extra 2" to each measurement

Cover size if doing as one piece.
11 1/2" by 10".

 So I scored it at 1", 5 1/2" 6" and at 10 1/2".
Then at 1" and 9".

I used some board cut at 
4 1/2" by 8".
Added some glue to this and laid it between the scored lines.
Then add glue to the borders.
I folded the four corners in.
Then folded the sides down.
Then glued my book into the middle.

I will add some patterned paper to cover the
inside front and back to tidy it up.
7 1/2" by 4 1/4".

Look up a video on utube if you have never done this before as it can be confusing.

Hope you like it.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Variation on Pocket page.

I know this looks like the same thing but...
I realised I could cut it from a sheet of 12" by 12"
and have each side of the pocket and the flap any colours I wanted.
It also means you can use normal not double sided paper.

Cut your paper at 5 1/2"
Which leaves you a 6 1/2" piece.

You can have any size pocket width you like this way.
I cut one piece at 8" so when folded my pocket will still be
5 1/2" but 4".

I then cut a 4" by 6 1/2"
From this cut a 4 " by 4" square.
The piece that is left will be the bottom pocket.
Mine is  1 1/2"  by 4"
but you can use the whole bit left to create a deeper pocket seam.

Score all the pieced so they fold in half.
The bit at the top right is my fan fold.

Add glue to the side edges of your pocket seam or you won't be able to tuck a tag inside.
You don't need to glue the triangle flap as it will have the holes punched through and will stay put.

See looks rather like the post before.
Only the green was no the reverse of the double sided paper.

This next bit is a bit more complicated, but means you can have the flaps moving and they wouldn't have to be triangles.

You take your fan folded but of card.
As you look at it you need to cut 1 cm from the edge on the center two fold sections of the fan.

I then butted my cardstock so it covered the 4th section of the fan and glued the top and bottom section  1cm of the 3rd section to the cardstock.

Fold the middle section of the fan down and add glue between the cuts as in the photo.

You will find the cardstock won't open.
What sticks out is the back and front of the fan.
Add glue to these so it looks like my photo.

 The just add the folded triangle over the top so it covers the cardstock.
It means the whole of the triangle flap can lift up on the hinge you have made.

Once more added a seam pocket to the bottom to stop my tags falling out.
I know it looks fiddley to do but it does mean you can use all the inside of the pocket, but you can also glue it onto a scrapbook page and it would give you a pocket and the back to scrapbook on 

Friday, November 04, 2011

Pocket Page. Mini Book.

I was using some 6" by 12" double sides paper,

Which I had scored at 2", 6" and 10"
Then at 5 1/2".

I had folded the 1/2" up to make so it made a pretty border.
I had folded the side outside bits, but had left it like this on the table. 

I had left it on the side when my crafty little daughter who was watching me, decided to fold all the end corners down to be helpful as she thought I was making an envelope.

Not wanting to waste what looked pretty good.

I added glue to the corners and glued it down.

It was still flapping so I added a tiny dot of glue in the bottom at the fold, cinched the holes, and added glue to the bottom inside bottom, to turn it into a pocket.

Also realised if I had not glued it could have just folded it the other way round to make great pages in a book.

Think I owe someone a treat.

Tags will be 3 1/2" by 6" for inside pocket.
3 1/2" by 4 1/2" for the outside.

And I made 6 pockets from 3 double sided sheets.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Origami Box with Lid, made out of one piece of cardstock

Have you ever been asked 2 years after you make something, How did you do that?

Well this is one of those times.

Take a 9" by 12" piece of scrapbook paper.
It needs to be a decent weight or it won't hold.

Score at 3" 6" and 9"
turn 90'.
Score at 1 1/2". 4 1/2", 7 1/2" and 10 1/"2.

Now using your cutter cut a tiny bit of each side of you paper on the 9" it really is like 1/16".
Your card is now 8 7/8" by 12".
It has to be a bit of each side as this makes the box lid fit over the sides of the box and stops you having to fiddle with odd measurements.

All the folds are folded like valley folds,
This means wrong side to wrong side.
If you do this and crease them all you will find the design makes it self once you do the 8 cuts you need to finish.. 

The next bit sounds odd but is very important.
Measure along the top of the 12"
and mark 2 1/2" and 9 1/2" mark top and bottom.

Now draw a line to make these points meet.
You will be cutting this line.

You cut down  to the  1st score line
stop turn the card stock round
and cut  to the other score line.

You cut four times in all.

If you look at the picture it may explain this better, what you want to do is cut the score line you meet
 to make a T shaped cut.

Your lid will be like on a pizza box.

I did mine first and used wet glue to stick them down as  in the photo.

When you lift the remaining sections it
gives you the sides of your boxes.
The sides will over lap and you just glue them together to give you a little box in the center.

The lids then life up to meet in the center.

This can then be decorated any how you like.

So I decorated mine.
The inside of the lids is 3" by 3".

4 lots of 3" by 3" for inside the box as well,
you may need to take a bit off so it fits snug.

The outside bits of the lids are both 2 7/8" by 2 7/8".
The side panels are 2 7/8 " by 1 3/8"
You need 6 in all.
Then just add ribbon to close.

UK Scrappers One Stamp Swap.

Well this is my take on the one stamp.
They are all sat waiting to finish drying, as I used Glitter Glue for the lips and eyelids, it seems to take for ages to dry been out for 4 hours and still wet.
Think it may be an over night job to be sure.

I made a little 16 page book as I will be getting loads back stuck inside my book.
These are really easy and look great.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Ok this is odd but it works as a way to make a page for a mini book.

Ok I got given some long strips of off cuts.

Mine are 6cm by 1 meter long.

Yep I know long strips.

Cut 6cm by 13cm.
Score at 6.5cm.
Fold in half..
Mark 1 and 2.

Cut another piece.
Book Jacket.
6cm by 23cm.
Score at 5cm, 11.5cm, 18cm.
If you marked the 4 sections,
A B C D.

Fold in half at the 11.5cm.
Then fold the 5cm bit inside on both sides.
A and B will touch,
C and D will touch.

See It is  a bit like a book jacket.

Now slide the first piece of folded card inside,
the second but the folds should be on 3 sides.

A and B will have 1 sandwiched in the middle.

C and D will have 2 sandwiched in the middle.

If you punch your holes in the unfolded side.
This gives you a pocket at the top.
Also two pockets on the side.

Tags need to be cut at 6cm by 7cm.

Making the book.

Was trying to see how to hold the the bottom of the
strip closed to make pockets.
Which is how I ended up doing the top as a sample idea.

It's going to be too hard to explain this so..

I scored the whole meter strip.
Every 6.5cm, it made a concertina.
But you can just glue lots of smaller strips
together to make a strip as long as you need.

Miss the first and use the 2nd and 3rd
of the strip sections.

Take one of the book jacket.
Hold the middle fold at the base wrap it round the 2nd and 3rd
and tuck the bit marked A inside.
You may need to bend it a bit and tuck D inside too.
Don't worry as you can't see if you bend or crease section D.

You now have a pocket.

Take 4 and 5,
Repeat using another jacket.

Keep going till you have one section left.
I had two, so I cut one off.

To make a cover..
Yep it looks like another book jacket.
Measure you spine on this book of pocket and and a 1/2cm.
Mine was 2cm including the extra.

So I need 30cm by 7cm.
So I score at 7cm and 14cm,
Turn the paper round and score the same again.
This way I know it will be same on each side.
Also works if you have a smaller scoreboard.

Add glue all over what is your wrong side
if your using patterened papers.
Place the spine of your pocket book to the
 unglued spine of the cover.
Line it up so there is the same distance top and bottom.
Sandwich the first  page of you book within the two bits 
of the cover.
Do the same with the back page.

I like covering them this way as it means
you have 3 pieces of card for strength.

I showed this so you can see one tag in the top and
one either side of the fold.
so no glue apart from the covers. 
If your card is not long enough for method all I do is
make the front and back section as two pieces and just join it where the spine would be.

Bigger pages.

29cm by 14 cm.
Score at 14.5 cm.
Mark inside 1 and 2.

Jacket cover.
30cm by 14cm.
Score at 0.5 cm,15cm, 29.5cm 

Mark A B C D.

Just wrap and tuck the
0.5 flap inside, you will need to add glue this time, to hold these tiny flaps inside.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Tuck it in Book.

Remember the Napkin book.
While I was in bed last night I had a brain wave.
The gesso covers would be great as part of the project.

So I just punched them and decorated
to make my book .

So here goes on how to make the pages.

Take a piece of scrapbook paper.

Cut it down to 24cm by 24 cm.

Fold it in half , to make a triangle.
Line the folded edge up on your score board.
Now score at 11cm.
Flip the triangle over and repeat at 11cm.

In inches it's slightly smaller.
9" by 9" for the Square.
score at 4 1/2" from the edge.

Unfold the paper then refold the sides
you scored in,
then fold in half at the centre line.
Make your binding holes on this fold.
 Just cut the centre fold of your design
before you make the holes
 to make two pockets.

I made 8 pockets out of 4 sheets of scrapbook paper.

The tags inside the pockets
are made by
taking a piece of card and cutting it at
21cm by 11.75cm.
Score at 14cm and fold.
Cut a  piece of card 6cm by 11cm for matting.

 9 inches by 4 1/4.
Score at 6".
2 3/4" by 3 3/4" for the mat.

You can change the mat size to what ever you have to hand, mine were the off cuts
of the scrapbook paper.
So it matches the design.
Waste not want not..

These fit inside the pockets.

I also had some left over scraps of card,
these were just fold and matted once more.
Then tucked in to bottom fold of the pocket.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Napkin Fold Album.

I have made this style before.
Also see Laura hers are great.
 You just fold any square of cardstock in half to make a triangle,
open back out. 
Measure how long your fold is and mark into 3rds.
i.e 9" centre crease line,
Mark 3" and 6".
Then fold the other two corners
1/3 of the way to centre to make a pocket.

Really easy and looks great too.
You can just see the points of the triangle at each end as I added tags into the pockets.

Another Boy Mini.

Someone emailed and asked how I can make these using any sized cards.
Or just fold a piece of card you like in half.

If you look at the page it has the fold on the left.
I add glue to the bottom inside where the B of Baby is on the photo.
You can seal the edge I cinched as well but I can't see the point, but if you were using Rings it may be an idea.

Then I just bind them all together and decorate.

I don't plan what I will put on the inside pages.

I tend to start with my cover and get a topper, then gather a few bits of card that match, in this case it was blue for a boy, I always find a bit of foiled card lifts the design.

Then I just make mats and layers for photo's.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exeter Craft Fair.

I took my daughter's and a friend to a craft show.
What a lovely sunday we had, I always go the first day, but it was so quiet and we got to do loads of tutorials.

Two were just cardmaking but my 9 year old wanted to make these.

We started with a painted heart plaque.
You drew a circle for a head added to for ears and one for a muzzel.
The used stippling to fill it all in.
It was such fun.

The last night a friend of my kids came round to play, I say play because what else do you call to 15 year olds using dusting brushes and stamps. Want to see what we were copying?
This is the one the nice lady on Inkylicious made for me.

The ones my kids made.

I did love the stamps she had on sale, very pretty,
I will have to buy more as we used some at home but you need the grasses to do this.

Finally some stickers I bought that I made a mini book from.

I use this cheat so much.

Take 7 cards. Add glue to the bottom inside and punch the open edge to make a pocket once you add it onto the coil.