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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pocket Pages for Maddie.

My mother got me some of the 5 for £2 craft packs from C & C.

Maddie decided she wanted to use some on a book as I had been making them earlier in the day.

Not sure what your kids are like but mine
know what they want so gave up and let her raid the stash.

We took a A4 piece of card,
Scored it at 4", 8" and I just left the rest as my tab.

Then I scored at 7" to make my pocket at the bottom of the page.

Fold this up and it makes a pocket at the bottom of my page.

I folded the 4" section over.

As the bottom of the page pocket was not closed I simply cut a piece patterned paper 1 1/2" by 1 1/2".
Fold this in half point to point to make a triangle.
Glue this to the bottom of each side the page pocket.
It also adds decoration to the page.

This now gives you a pocket with a tab on the side.
A pocket on each page and a pocket at the top.
I mitered my edges and glued the flap to the next pocket page.
I made 5 in total and glued them all togehter..

As I wanted to stick mine into covers.
I made a tab for the other side too,
7" by  7"

Score at 3 1/2" miter the corners and add to the 1st pocket, this then glues onto the cover.

I still have to cover this but have give you a photo so you can see what I did.

My cover was worked out by doing this.

Page size. 4" by 7".

Add 1/2" for top.
Add 1/2" for bottom.
Depth of cover 8".

Add 1/2" for border .
Page Size 4"
Width of cover 4 1/2"
Add 1/2" for spine.
Double page size. 9".
Size needed 9 1/2"

Cover size if doing as one piece.
9 1/2" by 8".

So I scored it at 4 1/2" and at 5".
I just glued the book in at the scored lines.
Making sure it was equal top and bottom from edge.

I wanted to use some board inside my covers to make it stronger.

So I added and extra 2" to each measurement

Cover size if doing as one piece.
11 1/2" by 10".

 So I scored it at 1", 5 1/2" 6" and at 10 1/2".
Then at 1" and 9".

I used some board cut at 
4 1/2" by 8".
Added some glue to this and laid it between the scored lines.
Then add glue to the borders.
I folded the four corners in.
Then folded the sides down.
Then glued my book into the middle.

I will add some patterned paper to cover the
inside front and back to tidy it up.
7 1/2" by 4 1/4".

Look up a video on utube if you have never done this before as it can be confusing.

Hope you like it.


Glen said...

Clever Maddie Sharron. Love the colour of the mini book. Thanks for the instructions. ~Glen~

Claireliz said...

That's lovely, she did really well.
C xx

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