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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Use Double sided pages to make Mini scrapbook

I must admit to using her site loads.
She makes great stuff,
This year she is doing 12 different ideas.
This is my pink one.

It's 1/2 a sheet of double sided cardstock per page.
Laura has instructions to follow.

Notebooks with Anna Griffin Embelishments

Ok so this took me 20 mins to make.
All I did was stick a precut sheet to the front
and added one of the pre-made toppers.
But I think they will make great gifts.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Beaded Bracelets... Yes I made them.

We have been asked to show items we have made in the library in Weymouth next week. So since I dont just want to show my mini books I made some of these to put out. Thought I would show and tell.
Would you believe its all from stash and I didnt have to buy and extras to make them.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Lean Mean Part 2 the big one..

I looked at Jimjams design and made this from an A3 Sheet of card in the same way.
Book Measure nearly 6" by 6".

But I cursed several times and had to go back to look at her pattern to see how to fold it.

To upsize it to any size paper you just need to score the cardstock in half.

Then score 1 1/2" at the bottom of the length and divide the rest by 3

 A3 scoring Guide.
11 7/10" x 16 1/2"
Score at  1 1/2" , 6 1/2", 11 1/2"
Score at  5 17/20"
(your really just scoring on the A4 Half-fold line)

I did cheat and added covers from A4 cardstock folded in half and scored at same wide as my pages.
These were tucked into the middle fold as you can see in the photo below.
I used a pack of freebie 6 by 6 papers that I got off a magazine last year.

I added ribbon in the same way as the instruction sheet said to hold it together.

Here's the back of my book.
I added stickers of the puffy kind
that I found in "the works".
Got loads left to make some cards
or tags to match.
Have added the link again to the great tutorial.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

One Sheet Bags

Cute bags to hold gifts.
I have made these for ages, but just seen some add the extra Cardstock at the top to reinforce the handles.
They are simple to make except for one fold.

Use an size card and decide how tall you want you inside box to be.

For a 2" box inside,
You score your card 2" from each side.
Then comes the

What ever your cardstock length take 2" off
and divide the rest in half so you know where to score.

i.e 12 by 12 cardstock..

12 - 2 = 10 half of 10 is 5

So scoring will be at 5" and 7" for bag
Score at 2" and 10" for inside box.

I folded the 2" sides in and then you have to fold the side up to meet the edge.

I have taken a close up so you can see what happens.
But there is a cheat.

Measure the section Marked A.
Then mark the same distance on the edge of your cardstock from your centre fold.

You then score between where I have marked red dots. But if you have a 45" Protractor in your childs pencil case you can borrrow it.

Add glue only in the blue area.
It stops on the score line you made.

You can just fold the bag together and seal or you can add an extra 2" to the top to make it stronger.
I just measure how wide my bag top was and cut a piece of cardstock that was that length and 4" in width, folded it in half so it was now 2" wide and used that to stick it to the top of my bag.
I added pipecleaner handles.
Some Ribbon to decorate and also to hold the centre closed.

If you wanted to use an A4 cardstock.
You would score 2" from each side and
I cut mine down to 11" because it made my sums easier to do.
11-2 =9 half this is 4 1/2"
So the scoring was 4 1/2" and 6 1/2".

12  by 12.
For a 3" box inside .
Score at 3" and 9"
12-3 =9 half this 4 1/2"
So the scoring was 4 1/2" and 7 1/2" .

Hope this makes sense.

My Guy Christmas Album

This is my Christmas "My Guy" Album
I saw the design from Laura at The Paper Trail.
Her work is amazing.

All the pages open up and have lots of space to add pictures, DD2 made me add a few of her Foam Stickers from the 99p Store.

Each page back gets a pocket at the bottom that looks like the trousers with a belt.
Added is a tag with a folded top to make a shirt.
The stud was DD2's idea again.
I thought the pink snow flakes looked like a pair of PJ's but someone else said looks like a lady.
I just love this sweater one, with it's ribbon tie, the base card is a lovely green but you can't see it here.
Yes I used red velvet cardstock,
never again do you know do much it shows any glue you smudge.
Last one.
This is the back page, I Cinched it...
and added some ribbons to my binding.

All the pages are made by the same method as my other books, you just add the jacket sides in to make it like a gatefold.