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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exeter Craft Fair.

I took my daughter's and a friend to a craft show.
What a lovely sunday we had, I always go the first day, but it was so quiet and we got to do loads of tutorials.

Two were just cardmaking but my 9 year old wanted to make these.

We started with a painted heart plaque.
You drew a circle for a head added to for ears and one for a muzzel.
The used stippling to fill it all in.
It was such fun.

The last night a friend of my kids came round to play, I say play because what else do you call to 15 year olds using dusting brushes and stamps. Want to see what we were copying?
This is the one the nice lady on Inkylicious made for me.

The ones my kids made.

I did love the stamps she had on sale, very pretty,
I will have to buy more as we used some at home but you need the grasses to do this.

Finally some stickers I bought that I made a mini book from.

I use this cheat so much.

Take 7 cards. Add glue to the bottom inside and punch the open edge to make a pocket once you add it onto the coil.

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