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Friday, July 22, 2011

Canvas Board for thick book covers.

This is not the right size but it's the same make.
I got some that was 12cm by 17cm.
And it's Hardboard, but best of all....
I can cinch it.
You need to wiggle it a bit to punch but it does go through and won't break the punch.

I did make 3 books but gone now, I used it as covers for my smash books,
Cost was £1.99 from "the works" who always seem to have a sale on.

Have another pack left so think I will make another one just so I can take a photo and post it tomorrow to show and tell.


nerllybird said...

The Works is a great place for arty/crafty stuff. I always get my cheap brushes in there, and all the different types of paper/pad are very cheap too.
Helen S

Jules said...

Great tip, I'll look out for that! Love your smash books too :D

Claireliz said...

I buy those all the time, your right, they're great for book covers, in fact I get all my canvases for altering from the works as they're such good value.

Ali said...

Thank you for the info. Your smash books look great.

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