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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tent Card make your own.

I keep seeing this type of card and realised there is an easy way to make them.

Take an A4 Card and fold in half
to form a normal A5 card.
Then just score at 1/2" from each edge.
Add double side tape to these tabs,
Then fold them inwards.

Take another piece of A4 Card.
Trim it down to 11".
I scored mine at 3 1/2 " and 7 " and  9".

Fold your card so you get two peaks.
Now just add the larger card using the double sided tape to attatch the larger card,
your joins are hidden inside.

You can use various sizes for the two peaks.
3" and 6" then 8 1/2"
2 1/5" and 5" then 8"

The reason I cut the card to 11" was to make my sums easier...

In cm..

Score 1.5 cm from edge.

From base card.
cut to 29cm.

9cm and 18cm then at 23.5cm

7cm and 14cm then at 21.5cm

6cm and 12cm then at 20.5cm

Just added a picture to show where to glue.
On the card add glue to the red section.
The green line will match up on the base below.

Once you fold the tabs inwards you will find the green and red lines match up, on the base.


Debsg said...

First time I've seen a tent card. Thanks for the tutorial.

Glen said...

Thanks so much for sharing the 'how to' for a tent card. Fab idea and I love your design. Ü Thank you too for the recipe for Gorilla Snot! It sounds fab but as I don't drink alcohol, I will have to forego the taste but maybe I could make it for my friends/sister. It will gross them out! LOL. ~Glen~

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