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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Smashing idea

I seem to have not done much on this blog for ages.
Joining a Smashed group on Facebook has made me want to post again, and yes my cinch came
 out to play.
Take a piece of card and fold it in half, cut of the corner.
 I used my envelope maker to get my corner straight, it's done on the folded edge, but you could just measure the same distance along the top and down the fold to get a perfect corner.
I then cover my page with paper, so it looks pretty.
Take your cut off corner, and simply add this to the oppersite corner from where you cut it off.
The fold should be at the bottom not on the side.
You can either add glue it all over the inside of the triangle and add it, or just put a thin line of glue at the bottom left of your page back and front, this turns the cut off corner into a tiny pocket.
It is up to you.
This means 2 of your page sides are now closed.
Punch holes on the side oppersite your fold.
Add something to bind it together, I used my spirals.
I then add ribbon, but have not shown this.
You can make this with any size paper.
Easy right.


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