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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Double Page from A4 Sheet,

This is what I want to show you today.
It takes only 1 A4 Sheet for a page. 

This is two envelopes joined together by the flap of the bottom envelope.

Take a sheet of A4 card,

Cut the cardstock so you have a 
21 cm by 16.5cm.

Score with the 21cm  at the top.
7.5cm, 15cm. 
You get a 1.5cm strip. 
This is used to close the envelope.
Turn the card 90 degrees and score at 3.5cm.
Turn it 180 degrees and repeat the score at 3.5cm
I punched these on my gift bag punch score board, but you can just shape your envelope flaps.

Fold along the middle fold to make your envelope and glue it closed using the long thin flap. 
Do not seal the other flaps down.

Take the piece of cardstock you had left.
21cm by 13.5 cm ish, 
don't worry if your is slightly different.
With the 21cm at the top score at 
7.5 cm and 15cm.
Turn 90 degrees and score at 3.5 cm.
Punch or shape to make the flaps.

Fold the section on the left in towards the centre.
Fold the top right flap down, and add glue to the flap.
Add glue to the right hand side of the flap and fold down.

This is you top envelope. 
To join to the other envelope just insert either 
one or two of the flaps and glue together..

I only used on flap to  join my envelopes.
Punch holes and add a ring or ribbon 
to bind it together.
I folded down one of the envelope flaps and added envelope liners which measured 7cm in width.
Enjoy decorating.

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