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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

How to make a Scrapbook Page instructions

Cutting guide..
You will need 3 Sealed down DL envelopes.
Cut 2cm off this first one this is the base of each book page (A)
Cut one at 10cm (C)
Keep the 12cm bit as this will be used later.
Cut  one at 7cm (D)
The 15cm piece is used as (B)

Glue or tape section  (C) on to (B) with both the closed ends at the bottom.
Section( A) has section (D) glued on top to make the other side.
Take the section (B, C) and turn it over so the sealed end is still at the bottom.
You now take the 12cm section find the open end and place it so that it
is on the right lined up with the top right hand side.
Check before you glue it that the open side  is the one that lined up.

You now glue the (A,D) on top of this as well, making sure you aline
the bottoms of (B,C) and (A,D)
You will now have your enevlope mini page.
Repeat this for as many pages as you want to decorate.

To Decorate you need paper of this size for each section.
(A) 10.5 by 15cm
(D) 10.5 cm by 6.5cm

This is the back view.
To decorate this you need:
(C) 10.5 by 9.5 cm
(B) 10.5 by 6.5cm
Unmarkered at the top 10.5cm by 6.5cm

When you add the paper to (D, B, Unmarked) it will sit just inside the pockets,
 to give a neat finish.