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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 First Post.

Well this year is already 12 days in and this is my first post. Pictures will be added as soon as my battries work. We got a Wii and the kids robbed all mine so they could play, just wish they would recharge them.
I'm doing a mini book challenge on UKS.
So looking around to see what others have been making, thought I do wonder just ow many designs that are new people will think of.
Well now Christmas is over I can lay it all out on my table once more.
I just made 15 Flippin Kids sets of 3d Decoupage.
So off to decide how to use.
This year I have decided to use the whole of anything rather than putting things back in the box, as I never seem to go back and just buy new.
The internet had some good offers with a whole free set of stamps, just waiting for the post to arrive.

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