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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How to centre your cinch.

How I centre my projects.

This project is for my swap with Jane.
She wanted A5 size so it made sense to just score
an fold an A4 in half.
I have scored the corners to add an element of design to it,
 and will chomp them later too.
Fold it in half, stick the bottom and I have my pocket page..
 Easy so far.

Pull out the ruler and measure your project.
Mine is 8 1/4"

 You can see the scale is marked so it's easy to see.
We need to half this 4 1/8"
 Can you see the line between the 6 and the 7 hole?
I lined an edge up with this and slid my ruler in until the 4 1/8" mark lined up with this.
Now when I punch my project I will end up with an even number of holes.

 I decided I wanted 6 holes so this means I pull out the pegs in the center in pairs.
6 and 7
5 and 8
4 and 9.

For uneven number of holes,

Line up to the 9 1/16 mark.
Pull pegs
5 and 7
4 and 8
3 and 9.

My big cheat.

Sometimes I cheat.
Yes why didn't you expect this.
If you hate to read measurements this is for you.

Take a scrap of paper, the junk mail through the door works fine,
and cut it too the same size as you project.
Width doesn't matter we just need it the same size as where you want you holes punched.
Fold it in half, hold it against your project and this will show you the centre of your project.
Now use this scrap to line up the cinch, it means you can do a test punch before you chance your work of art.
But the end up to the measure and just slide it in till the folded edge is at the centre mark.

Pull out the pegs for the holes you don't want to punch.
Remember to either use the centre mark for even holes
or the 9 1/16" for odd holes.
Punch and check the holes work by holding it against the project.

Your going to tell me what if my project is too small
to butt it up to the measure.

 Well this works for me.
The folded edge is lined up with the centre mark.
Now just pull your measure out until you can see one of the inch marks, I used the 2" one.
Pull the pegs, punch your test open it up and check the holes work on your project.
Now when you punch the page just line it up with the same inch line.

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Lynne Phelps said...

This is brilliant. I just got a Cinch and I have not used it yet, but I am measurement (or perhaps) math phobic and your measurement-free method is a lifesaver! Thanks so much for taking the time!

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