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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Journal Pocket.

Cut a piece of Patterned Paper (120gsm) 7" by 12"
Score at 31/2"  and 8".
Turn and score at 1/2" and 6 1/2"

Fold the 1/2" score margin inwards to form a border at the top and bottom
To make the base of your Journal Pocket.

Cut a section of A4 card in A6.
You will get for 4 from each A4.
These will be pages in the journal section.

From the remaining Pattern paper
Cut to 5" by 6" pieces of paper.
Score one piece at 3 1/2".
Fold making it  6 by 3 1/2 "
This is the left hand side pocket in the photo.
With the folded edge at the fold of the larger paper,
add glue to the 1 1/2" section.
Add glue to the patterned 1/2" Border on the base, top and bottom and
place onto to form a pocket that opens at the side.
Add your pages and punch your holes.

Score the remaining piece of 3 3/4"
Fold making it 6" by 3 3/4".
Cut a piece of cardstock 6" by 4".
Add glue to the Patterned side on the 1 3/4" section.
Then slide the cardstock side under the 1/2" border.
Make sure the fold faces the edge of you paper.
Add Glue to the border and close.
This forms the pocket on the right hand side of the picture.
Which can have a tag added from the folded edge
and also from the outer edge.
The folded book measures 6" by 4 1/2".


Lynne Phelps said...

This is very interesting, but I don't know what all the "A" sizes are, as we us a different standard in the US. I am afraid the directions don't make too much sense without understanding the sizes you have referenced, but I am so thrilled to see what you are doing with your Cinch! I found your blog from Splitcoaststampers Cinch thread.

Anonymous said...

A is a standard card size in the US. It is basically an 8.5x11 folded in half lengthwise and then widthwise.

G S P Crafts said...

Sorry I for get we have a different size card.

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