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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mini Book made with envelopes and paper.

Pictures will have to wait till my camera is charged.

So I was thinking about how I made my first mini books, and decided to show and tell.

I used envelopes as the inside of my pocket pages.
So get a stack of envelopes.
Seal shut and cut of which ever size you want to have the tags appear from.
I want to use and C6 envelope so I am going to cut of the smaller side,
which means my tag will be A6 in size.

Measure the distance across both envelopes.
You need to add a selvage to the width of 1"
Add 1/2" to the height.

To make a page.
Cardstock needed is 6 3/4" by 10"
Score this at 5" and fold the design inwards.

I am having 5 pockets so need 4 of the above to make my book pages.

With the design folded inwards just glue an envelope to the back of your page, making sure the cut end lines up with the top edge of the page.
You will find you have a small border round the other 3 edges. Add glue to another page back and line up edges and sandwich the envelope between the two pages.
Add another envelope and repeat till you have 2 envelopes left.
Add one to the page back as before then add the other envelope to the back of your pile of pages.

So you now have a sandwich of pages that open and tag pockets hidden between the pages.

To make a cover, you need to measure your pile.
Mine is about 1/2" thick.

So I cut a cover
6 3/4" by 10 1/2".
Score 5" and 5 1/2"  from  edge.

~add ribbon if you want to close your book this way~

Add Glue to the page with the envelope on as before
and sandwich the envelope between the cover and the page.

Repeat for the other cover.
This will give you a book with 5 pockets and 6 pages.
Add tags and finish decorating.


If you want to use 12 by 12 paper to make 2 pages.

Cut the envelope down to 5 1/2" inches.

If you want it thinner I tend too score it and just glue the extra bit back onto the envelope before I cut the top off, otherwise it won't work as a pocket.

But you can use any envelopes you like.

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