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Monday, June 14, 2010

Making your own book closings on the cheap.

I saw this on someone elses utube and just loved the idea so thought I would share it.

To close your book you will need:
A brad and matching  eyelet.
A childs hair band, with the metal joiner as it works to hold the elastic in place.

Yes that is all, cheap isn't it....
Here I have put the hairband through a hole punched on the back of a book...yes I know mine is white chipboard as it works best on firmer books.
Make sure this is on the inside back cover.
You also need to add some tape to keep it fixed in place.

             Close your book and  mark where the elastic stretches too on the front cover and punch a hole.
Now take your brad and add the eyelet upside down so it creates a post like above, the top of the eyelet is next to the book cover.
Close the brad as tight as you can as normal on the inside front cover of the book,
This now gives you a peg on the front of the book and when you close the book you can wrap the elastic round to hold the book closed.


Tina said...

Brilliant Thanks for sharing

Jenny said...

Thats really clever, have just the project for this! Thank you so much!

Virginia said...

That's fabulous - I need to get me some of those hairbands now - I've just done a book that could have done with this as a fastener (actually I did four)! Thank you for sharing!

Nancy S said...

Great idea!

Elin said...

That's so clever! tfs!

lynmcf said...

OMG that is BRILLIANT ... took me a minute to work out what you had done, then I realized and it is so clever. I already have a few "knobs" that I got in a kit, and I have several ready-made chipboard albums, so I only need the hairbands. Off to the shops!

nerllybird said...

Amazing! What a clever idea! I too like elastic closures, as I often carry notebooks around and they get in such a mess when they're stuffed in a bag. TFS!

Jane (J-bug) said...

Great tip!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

A BRILLIANT ideas....I'm always looking for new ideas to make book closures.....Mgt.

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