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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Baby it's a cinch..

Ok so I finished my book.
I covered some card in pretty paper and cinched the centre fold.
it really looks like a book when it stands up as it has a hard spine but I made it too thick, and the wire 3/4" I used was too small would have been better to use the 1 1/4" as it would have hung down in a much better way.

You can see that I have marked the centre and punched as in my last post but I scored it at 1/2" from the fold on both sided so it's too wide, but when you hold it and look it seems OK.
Just me knowing I did it wrong, so I will always see it as not right.
The pages are made by scoring an A4 page at 14cm and 28cm.
I then folded it in half and tucked the 1.5cm inside,
to make myself a pocket,
but the bottom  will need sticking down either now,
or just add some glue afterward to seal it.
 I didn't stick it down just punched at this edge,
which means 3 layers of card, in all got punched.
So the folded edge is on the outside
and the open edge is at the centre.
The pages are held closed by the wire.

But when it lies flat it looks great.


Claireliz said...

Your book looks really lovely :)

linda said...

super cute book! I think it looks scrunched up on sideview because the pages are thicker and the spiral rings aren't as big as the space available to space it all all...but it doesn't look bad at all!

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