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Thursday, August 26, 2010

One sheet a page Mini Scrapbook

 so I found another Mini Scrapbook I wanted to try, here is mine.
Elsa made this design along with several others.
I liked her look,  I wanted to try it
 and made a book with four sheets of 
double-sides from K & Co Sera-Sera Paper.

There were 5 pages in this book, I managed to use the left over paper to make matching spines for the middle pages, which are just 12" by 6" paper scored at 4" and 8" and tri-folded.
I added a piece of  brown card  2" by 4" to the  fold.
.(Bottom Left in photo)

I love the hint she gave about only added your paper for the bindings to one side of the fold so the centre lies flat when you fold it out. I think it looks good with the matching pages on the ones with the pockets.
You cut a piece of 12" by 12" at the 10" mark.
Make sure you have the design the right way.
I made my design thinner by 2" on the right because 
I wanted to keep part of the pattern.
Next you cut it in half so you now have 10" by 6".
Fold both in half... 5" by 6".

With the front of your design facing you and please make sure it's the right way up if any writting is being used in the design.
Then on one piece fold the top corners in to centre to make the triangle shape. 
You get an bit of the design still showing as you can see on the first picture. 

You then cut from the waste a 2" by 4" strip of paper.
This is the binding, where you punch your holes and add the ribbon after it's knot was like a school tie...
You fold this in half and glue it. 

Take the triangle shape and open it out. 
With the right sided of the design facing you.
Glue the right hand triangle down.
Take your binding, glue this strip to the top on the left hand side.
 Making sure it is flush on the edge at the corner, 
it will stick up like a tab.
Fold the triangle back down. 
You will see the binding overlaps the other triangle, now glue this triangle down too, but no glue where it overlaps the 2nd triangle.

Using the 2nd sheet, you make sure the design is the right way up 
but has the wrong side facing you
 ... said because I got one upside down..
I was lucky as it had no writting on...
Now glue the bottom and about 1cm up each side.
Sandwich the two sheets of paper together.
I used a corner rounder on my edges.
Leave to set the glue.
Now fold in half so the triangles are on the outside.
Your binding will be 1" large enough to punch holes in.
You now have a page...
Cut two 4" by 5" plain card pages these go into the pockets.

It should look like the first page of my Scrapbook.
But there is a video on her site, if you need to look how to make.
You can just fold a 12" by 10" in half and fold the corners down but by cutting the scrapbook paper in half it means you can use the design the right way up on both sides of the book...

Let me know if I need to add more photos.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

mini book looks great

Claireliz said...

What a fab idea, great tutorial, thanks

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