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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

What an you do with Toilet Rolls? Make a Mini Scrapbook...

What would you do with a load of these?
Well I made one of these....
First you ink all the edges, and then you measure the size of the tube.
Mine was 11cm by 7.5cm.
So my paper was
10.5cm by 7cm.
This gave me a bit of the inked edge showing.
This is the pink version I made at the same time.
You will need to measure each tube as they all seem to differ in size.
Then I just punched the edge with 2 holes,
I used my cinch but the kids hole punch is easier as the holes are always the same distance apart.
I added some fibres to use as binding.
Also a set of Paris cardstock stickers.
I got them in a swap that arrived this morning.
It's a great kids project as they can just paint the tubes, and add decorations.
Mine have tags inside, I made them the same size as the tubes, but some needed to be trimmed to fit, the corners are the cloud on the Chomper.


Scrappy~Sarah said...

fantastic :)

Claireliz said...

thats one of the prettiest loo roll books I have seen

Debsg said...

This is gorgeous. I once saved up lots of toilet roll inners to do just this, and never got round to it!

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