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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bags for treats.

Not sure if you can see these bags, they were made to put party gifts in, I got the cardstock from the West~Point Show in Exeter, and it was so pretty I liked it just as it was.

I used a  to whole A4 sheet to make it.
Score at 4.5cm, 14cm, 18.5cm and 28cm.
Turn the card round and score at 4.5cm and 19cm.

Crease all the lines. Then cut the red lines.

It should look like this, the red box is removed.

You then add glue to the top fold and glue it down.
This gives you a nice top to the bag.

Add glue to outside of the flap on the left hand side.
And fold together to make the bag.
Fold in the base and glue down.

To get the folded in look, just squeeze the corners gently and they fold in by themselves.

If you want to make it in inches, I used this size.
1 1/2 ", 5 1/2",  7", 11".

Base and Top 1 1/2" and 7".

Once you make one it becomes easy to do.
Just remember to make the base the same size as smallest sides or it won't fold.

The top you can either make bigger or just forget about, I do it because it adds strength.
This is a link to one, made the same way just a different size. 
Oh and she doesn't add a top fold.

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