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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Acetate cover mini.

This little mini was from an idea I saw on another blog. Marion at "A piece of crafts" on her Ustream.

Too make this you need:
1 Piece of 12 by 12 Scrapbook Paper
2 Sheets A4 White Card
1 Sheet Acetate. Mine had flowers on.

I only had to use one sheet of scrapbook paper,
which I got in a swap from Ukscrappers.

 Pocket Page.....
You cut the paper at 7" tall and 6 3/4" wide.
Score the paper at 3 3/8"  or just fold it in half...
Next score at 5" and fold at the bottom 2" to make a flap, you can have this on the inside or the outside.
Mine is on the inside, the bit in the second photo with the leaf and the branch on.
I glued just the edge to make a pocket.

Inside page 2...
There is a piece of scrapbook paper left,
 that is 12" by 5" in length.
I cut this at 6 1/2" scored it at 3 1/4". Fold.
This is the bit you can see between my fingers..

The bit of card stock left is 5" by 5 1/2".
Yes you guessed I cut this too.
5" by 3 1/2" it makes you another page you can add into the album

Out of the last large piece of scrapbook paper that remains. It measures 5 1/4" by 7"

You can either make a folded page by cutting it at
5" by 6 3/4" and folding it in half.
Or cut two more 3 1/2" by  5".

I always use my off-cuts to decorate with.
It's amazing what a tiny strip of 1/4"
scrapbook paper adds to a page.

White Pocket...
I took a piece of A4 card stock in White Hammered.
and cut it at the 6 3/4" mark.
This was scored once more at the 5" mark and folded in half  and glued to make a deeper pocket.
Make 2...

Inside page 1...
The bit I had left was with was just under 5" wide, so I cut it at 6 1/2" and just scored it at 3 1/4".
This is the inside page on the second photo.
Just to the outside of my fingers.
It has the stub book corners.

I also cut the last piece of card stock into pages too, they are just under 5" by 3 1/4.

Last I cut some Acetate covers.
These measure 5" tall by 3 1/2" wide.

Once you have made all your pages.
Use the cinch to cut all your holes,
Mine has 9 holes but you can use as many as you like.

 Mine is  layered like this, with each open.

Pocket Page..
Inside Page 1..
Inside Page 2..

Fold closed. To make my center..

So my final layers are..

An Acetate cover.
A white page.
A scrapbook page.
A White Pocket.
The Folded Pocket Centre.
A White Pocket.
A scrapbook page.
A white page
An Acetate Cover.

Then I just Cinched it all together.

I love Acetate for covers because I can just add a hole and lace the ribbon through it.
Well now I've made this one I should be able to read this an remeber next time...


Debsg said...

'All cinched together' love your new phrase. Great book.

Helen said...

I LOVE this book!

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