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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Easy Scrapbook or Notebook..

Ok, bad picture but you can see my basic design.

I take A4 paper or thin card for the inside and cut it into A6 size.
So I get four sheets from each original sheet.
I then take an A5 card and just fold it in half to make my covers. But you could just cut a A4 in half.
I punch my insides with the cinch.

Making the cover into a pocket.
Take the folded A5 card and add glue in a thin line at the bottom, punch a half circle at the top of the card going through both layers.
Then punch holes in the side that doesn't have the fold with the cinch.
This way you don't need to add glue and once bound it will form the pocket.

Once the book has been cinched, I add an insert that is 1cm thinner and shorter that the cover size, this way it slides inside easily.

I must admit I have been letting the kids use these as notebooks. So far this week we have made 6.
They have used what ever odds and ends they could find to decorate the covers, both back and front, as with kids more is always more...

My Daughter has even made one for the Teacher, who loved it.


Debsg said...

My boys don't ever invite friends over to use my crafty stuff!! But they do give me 5 minutes notice to make a card :(

Glen said...

I love your imagination Sharron. Great ideas. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

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