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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stamp storage. Mini style...

Ok, now this is my idea, suddenly reallised how I could store and use up some of the cardboard boxes that I seem to collect by the handful.

I cut open a Coco-Pop Box, and made an envelope form it. I added 1/2 " to the width of my stamps, to make a nice fit, then added about 1" for each flap of the envelope.

I also added an extra inch to the depth of the envelope so I could cinch some holes, which I am going to add my binding to, I want to use to rings that open and close so I can add more envelopes as I make them.

Here's the sealed envelope.
With my stamp sheet inside.
I've left the outside blank but intend too label it with what is inside, also thought I could stamp images when I take them out to use next time.

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Jenny said...

That's an idea, I like that one. Thanks for the tutorial xx

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